Areas of action.

Residential, commercial, nautical, aeronautical and automotive service, in cleaning, sanitation and waterproofing.

Take care of your health, worry yourself.

Sanitizing and cleaning mattresses every six months fights mites, germs and bacterium.

Do not leave it for later.

Sanitation, cleaning of sofas for fighting mites, germs and bacteria, has to be done as soon as the problem arises.

Waterproofing of upholstery.

The waterproofing of upholstery occurs by the application of waterproofing products, resins that allow the blockage of pores of the fabric, which has the function of protecting it from penetration of liquids of oily or aqueous consistency.

Your car is always your second home.

Dirty car seats proliferate with mites and bacteria that can lead to stench and allergic problems. This not only demonstrates poor hygiene, but also a bad impression on vehicle users. So we recommend and do cleaning, car seat cleaning periodically.

Plush dolls.

Cleaning and sanitation is very important as they end up being contaminated by bacteria and other microorganisms present in the environment and which can also cause illness in the child. The very fact that the pet gets grubby is reason for its washing.

Carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning eliminates trapped pollutants, ends up mite infestation, and preserves a pleasant smelling environment.